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* ConvertMate is included with your SegMate subscription.

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ConvertMate Is Conveniently Built Into Your SegMate Account

We’ve just released an incredibly powerful feature that will send your SegMate marketing into absolute overdrive. Many websites suffer what we call Leaky Bucket Syndrome and most website developers do not understand website lead optimization. No longer will you be limited to what a designer or web developer to get people to notice your opt-in options.. With ConvertMate’s attention-grabbing technology, you’ll be able to build bigger lists anywhere you have a website or a store online.


ConvertMate is the only SegMate feature of its kind that lets you transform visitors into fresh new leads and leads are new subscribers for your messenger bots + we can train your bot to get emails and phone numbers at a click of the button. All because Facebook™ has the data. Normally, you’d only have the ability to add people to an email list with this kind of technology. Well, we’ve switched it up and made it exclusive for SegMate’s subscription tools. You’re going to love the results you’ll get...

Customization Made Easy With Only A Click of Your Mouse!

One thing that you’ll love about ConvertMate is the ability to see how your ConvertMate will look on your site. As you make changes to your ConvertMate’s, everything is updated right before your eyes within the ConvertMate dashboard. In fact your ConvertMates change on your websites as you make changes in the app an on the fly...

Shows Perfectly
On Mobile

Customize Your
ConvertMate In Real-Time

Position Selection

Add Additional Text
As Needed

Video Embedding

Add Image

Connect To Any SegMate
Bot Quickly

Full Control Over
ConvertMate’s Display Behavior

ConvertMate Plays Nice
With Your Website

Load It Once and Changes Are
Updated Automatically

Create A ConvertMate In 3 Minutes!

Getting started with ConverMate is incredibly easy. Just follow a few steps and you’re ready to start increasing conversions for your bot sign-ups. It’s as simple as:

  • Give your ConvertMate a name and select the type of ConvertMate you want.
  • Add your
  • Choose how the ConvertMate will display
  • Copy the code to your website (this is easy and we’ll show you how!)

ConvertMate Is Easy To Use and Everything
You Need Is Already Included

ConvertMate comes ready with various options to deploy at a moment’s notice. You can choose to show your subscription tool a little or a lot. The choice is yours. Here are the options that are available:

SegMate+ConverMate = More
Leads, Sales, & Profits

Building a subscriber list can be incredibly profitable. Especially with email deliverability rates getting harder to come by. But when you add the ability to grab people’s attention vs. the regular ol’ opt-in form that most people are used to, you’ll put the odds of success in your favor that much more! And with more RESPONSIVE targeted subscribers comes more opportunities for leads, sales, and profits to your bottom line.

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Every SegMate account comes with 3 FREE ConvertMates already loaded up on your system…

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